Experience Growth in Your Business

New Business, Customer Retention, and Proven Success

Since 1994, Lakeshore Publishing’s Family Coupons Magazine has been the area’s leader in coupon advertising. Our team is dedicated to increasing the amount of new customers coming through your door, and keeping your existing customers coming back.

Delivering an Experience to Businesses and Consumers

Because Family Coupons is a magazine, not a flyer or envelope of coupons, it’s treated as an important piece of mail. The magazine stays around the home for 6 to 8 weeks. This means repeat exposure for you and added time to generate a return.

Each coupon magazine edition features full-color, professionally-designed advertisements on a gloss paper. The combination of the ad designs and magazine quality draw in customers, and generate excitement over the offers inside. The coupons are made more enticing by our distinct cover design and magazine format.

The Family Coupons Magazine is delivered using the United States Postal Service, which gives your advertising the same impact of a solo direct mailer for a fraction of the cost. Consumers are overwhelmed with spam, newspapers, online advertisements, and mobile apps. They continually have less time to wade through information to find what they want. The Family Coupons Magazine gives them what they want conveniently, quickly, and efficiently in one place.

Local & Regional Advertising

Excellent Exposure for Pennies

With Family Coupons’ distribution schedule and shelf life, your ads could be in the hands of 94,000 consumers every day, all year. All it takes is a commitment that can cost as little as 2 cents per consumer.

Use Us In Any Way You Want

Low price, high circulation, and excellent quality-per-dollar make the Family Coupons Magazine a perfect outlet to advertise new products, sales, seasonal promotions, or new locations.

Target Your Distribution Based On Your Location

Do you serve only the Muskegon or Grand Haven area? Or do you conduct business along the entire lakeshore? It doesn’t matter. Pick the distribution zone that fits you best.