Meet Sara Melefsky

Sara Melefsky is the lady behind the scenes of the Family Coupons Magazine. Managing the office, social media, website, and the graphic design is where she spends much of her time. She also works with some of the advertising partners found in the Grand Haven and North Muskegon Magazines.

She has a background in advertising stemming from her experiences in several different positions across Michigan. Growing up in east Michigan, she started her career at one of Ford Motor Company’s many agencies–Xperience Communications–and has since served as an Account and Project Manager for major industrial/chemical companies before finding her permanent home with Family Coupons.

She enjoys using her background to educate advertising partners and assisting them to experience more growth in their business. Whether it’s providing advice or helping design an ad that will drive sales, she cherishes every moment with her clients and lives for their success.

When she isn’t working, Sara cherishes her time spent with her husband Brandon, dogs, horses, family and friends, and spends a lot of time enjoying the little moments of life–crafting, gardening, reading, knitting, and watching documentaries.